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About InstantVap

About the InstantVap vaporizer


  • 12 and 18 volt versions
  • stainless steel frame, compact, durable product
  • no overheating, exceeds set temperature by max. 2℃, maintains set value at +/-1℃
  • solid-state relay PID temperature control, no wearing parts at heater filament switching
  • dynamic heating and cooling, temperature fluctuations are less than 20℃ during use
  • light weight (~1,5kg)
  • sits firmly in the hole of the hive
  • easy to clean in case of clogging, no pipe bends
  • precise dosage
  • 6mm outside diameter strong brass outlet pipe located at the bottom of the chamber
  • adjustable temperature
  • displays (temperature and battery voltage in real time)

!!! The InstantVap vaporizer should only be used with the appropriate protective equipment! Inhalation of vaporized oxalic acid or contact with eyes and skin, even in small quantities, will cause serious damage to health! The whole front part of the device heats up !!!


The InstantVap vaporizer is an effective tool in the fight against the varroa destructor mite! The device itself is lightweight, compact, the wiring runs under the casing, the electrical components, the display and the switch are well protected. It has a stainless steel casing, a handle, a strong outlet pipe to withstand the load!

The main component of the appliance is the insulated heating chamber. The insulation helps to save energy and maintain the temperature even in windy or cold weather. Partly thanks to this, the 12V unit can run so efficiently that an 80Ah working battery can treat 300 hives on a single charge at 2g sublimation. The heating filaments heat the bottom of the furnace, exactly where cold oxalic acid would cool the furnace.

A strong brass pipe, thickened at the base, allows the oxalic acid vapour to enter the hive. The pipe outlet is designed in such a way that in the event of a blockage, the entire length of the pipe can be fully accessed and cleared. It should be noted, however, because of the location and thickness of the pipe outlet it is is rarely clogged! The positioning of the pipe outlet, together with the tiny serration on the frame, allows the device to be inserted into the hive hole in a stable way, without being able to tilt sideways. The outlet tube itself can support several kilograms of weight, easily supporting the weight of the device and the battery. Of course, it is not advisable to lean on it!



InstantVap készülék kivezető cső méretei mm-benFigure 1: InstantVap outlet tube size in mm


Digital PID control monitors and regulates the temperature of the chamber. As the temperature sensor is located at the bottom of the chamber together with the heating element, the heating and cooling is dynamic. The temperature fluctuation during use is not more than 20℃. In about 20-30 seconds the chamber heats up to the set temperature and does not overheat. It takes about the same amount of time to sublimate the oxalic acid and prepare for the next hive, so there is no need to wait for reheating between treatment of the hives. The temperature can be set as required and the display gives an accurate reading of the current temperature. Similarly, you can read the battery voltage, so you know what charge your battery is at. There is a separate switch for the device. For safety reasons, the switch does not turn off the display, only the heating. This makes it easy to see if the battery is left connected to the device. This is also useful because you can see the temperature of the appliance when it cools down. The appliance should always be disconnected from the battery at the end of the treatment.

Az InstantVap készülék felfűtéseFigure 2: Graph of heating up the InstantVap


The dispenser allows you to dose the oxalic acid accurately. First, you need to set the dispenser to the desired amount of oxalic acid. The setting is easily adjusted by turning the serrated washer at the end of the dispenser. The outward-facing plane of the washer rotating inside the dispenser and the position of the lines indicate the adjusted gram quantity. The dispenser is pressed into the oxalic acid, which fills it. The dispenser is placed in the tube and the acid is pressed down firmly into the bottom of the heated chamber. The oxalic acid immediately begins to sublime and the vapour escapes into the hive through the outlet tube. The dispenser should not be removed during vaporization, but only at the end, as it seals the top of the chamber.


Az InstantVap készülék adagolója a skálávalFigure 3: InstantVap dispenser with scale